Thursday, November 29, 2007

Estevan Oriol Bill Board

Check his blog out at.

Cartoon / Syndicate Vans SK8 HI "coming soon"

Once again the homie Berto from Supreme hooked it up with another project from Vans Syndicate, if your real about getting these shoe contact the Supreme store on Fairfax in the city of Los Angeles. Please don’t hit me up asking how to get these shoes, I am not a foot looker salesman and this is not a champs blog, ha ha ha. Don’t sleep these shoes will go fast.

Progress homies, 1 side of the 64 finished

Late Night Novel

Still here working on this graphic novel, getting closer and closer but still have along way to go, their are no short cuts with this kind of work. More flics coming soon. Stay Up Toon$